About MT Insider

Hello reader, we are Mupini Transport, a passenger transportation company which started operating as Namster Travel in 2015 and with little knowledge about the industry. If I’m to tell you some of the things we didn’t know, you going to stop reading, thinking we really know nothing even now, but anyway we had our lessons, most of them through failure and we then decided to create this blog to share with you our journey and give insight into this industry so you won’t blindly get into it as we did.


In these entries expect:

  • General Information on the transport industry in Zimbabwe
  • Initiatives Disrupting the Transport Industries  (companies, individuals, associations, etc.)
  • Transport Events 
  • Editor’s Reads and Opinion
  • State of Industry In Transport Business in Zimbabwe
  • Transport Industry News from Across the World
  • Guest Posts from experts in the industry

We are generally aimed at creating an information hub for the transport operators and aspiring transport operators.